Press-Right is a measurement system that provides 100% quality control on the manufacturing process.
Interfaced to a position transducer and a force transducer, it continuously monitors the position/force curve and verifies that it stays within a specifically positioned continuous control range.
The system architecture is based on a multiprocessor for data monitoring and analysis and is connected directly to the sensors.
The instrument itself supplies the power for the press valves, the transducers and limit stop and warning lights, if any.

The control functions

The Press-Right system, for the monitoring of the pressing process uses, among others, the following tools:
1 Stop value: to control the return of the press.
2 Process start control: to verify the presence and correct positioning of the part.
3 Process end limits: to control the final values of force and distance.
4 Control range: to verify the whole process curve in real time.