TRO is a control instrument dedicated to assembly lines and stations.
It is able to control several pressing cylinders simultaneously.

TRO has to be installed on DIN standards rails, inside electrical cabinets.

Interfaced to a position transducer and a force transducer, TRO verifies that the force/position curve remains within a specifically positioned control range.
It also stops the machine when a specific force and/or distance is reached.

Control functions
The TRO system, for the monitoring of the pressing process makes use, among others, of the following tools:
1 Stop values: to control
the return of the press to the TDC
2 Process start control: to verify the presence and correct position of the part
3 Process end limits: to control the fi nal values of force and distance
4 Control range: to verify the whole process curve in real time


      The visualization on a PC
      of several pressing
      at the same time