Connected to a single transducer, it visualizes its real-time value.
Commands the return of the press at a given value and checks the
reached peak value.
Connection RS232 for reading and programming.
Up to 4 programmable set-points; up to 32 programs recordable.
The instrument itself supplies the power for the press valves, the
transducers, proximity switches and warning lights, if any.

• Sampling frequency:
> 1000 Hz
• Max. position detection error:
± 0,01 mm. (if used with a position
• Max. force detection error: 0,5%
(if used with a force transducer)
• Cycle time: < 1 sec.
Le funzioni
• Visualize the force or position measured by the transducer.
• Controls the peak value reached
• Stops the press when a force or position value is reached